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Stars and Stripes Driving School operated business is based in Philadelphia, PA

The Driving School offers behind-the-wheel instruction to students of all ages in Pennsylvania.

Stars and Stripes Driving School is your way to be a professional driver. Don't wait, call us now to set up your next lesson

You have your Driver's license and you need more lessons we are your way to be a professional.


- One-on-one private lessons
- Flexible hours
- Door to door
- Road test preparations
- Proven parallel parking techniques
- Proven perpendicular parking techniques
- Pay as you go
- Eligible for insurance discounts
- completion certificate
- all cars equipped with dual controls


Driving Lessons

2 hour behind the wheel lesson FREE pickup and dropoff
1 hour parrelle parking lesson

ask about our budget

Insurance discounts certificate for 6 hours (3 lessons)

State Road Exam

$100 rent car

Try our super discount

meet us at PennDot and get 30 minutes of practice & use our school vehicle to do your road test

meet us at PennDot and get one hour of practice & use our school vehicle to do your road test

Driving In Snow

It is necessary to drive slowly when taking angles in snowy situations and must drive quickly below the actual, maximum speed to get a safe drive.

Do not exceed other cars at high speed.

Monitor slippery roads. Slippery roads can lead to vehicle collisions.

Pay attention to warning signs placed in deep drift areas to ensure safety.

Take time to stop.

The use of car lights in driving makes driving safe.

Driving At Night

Start by revealing the lights of the car before driving at night.

When the sun begins to fall, you must ignite the lights of the cars.

Slow down the speed to control all the risks surrounding your snap

Increase your caution.

When feeling tired stop driving and take a break

Give signals in case of high light.

Driving In Fog

Relieve speed as much as possible

Use fog lighting

Open the window a bit so you can hear anyone warning you.

Turn on car heating.

Avoid changing paths

Drive in slow paths.

Driving In Rain

It is essential that students, check the tires before driving.

Ensure that wipers work effectively.

Ensure the car's windows are clean inside and outside.

Make sure that the condensate resistors are applied to the car’s glass to prevent fog from forming on the glass

Driving is quicker than those we do in normal days.

Drive a safe distance between cars.

Avoid puddles of water on the edges of the road if possible.

Communicate well with other drivers around you and share the road with them in a safe way for everyone.

Training Vehicles

These vehicles are registered and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

These vehicles have all of the required additional safety devices and insurance